How We Work

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aligning with government

We work at surprising scale.

That's because we partner with governments to reach small farmers at the local level. We tailor our training and trading activities to support the coffee development programs they've identified as important to their economies. We coordinate our program with their authority and plans.

Officials are always present at our well-populated events.


seed-to-cup training

We help producers understand coffee, at every step.

We incentivize training in the best agricultural practices, from planting to harvest. Expert agronomists teach our farmers how to plant and mother their trees for the highest yields, when to pick the reddest cherries, and how to practice the secrets of de-pulping and drying. Farmers earn reward points for their participation that can be used to acquire items of value to them, including tools and mobile phones.

But training doesn't stop at the washing station. Our participants learn to perfect their taste for quality coffee by refining their roasting and cupping skills, too.


access to trading partners

Small farmers mean business. They want access to partners who will help their small businesses grow.

Sustainable Growers relies on an interconnected network of coffee growers, coffee cooperatives, financial lender, business advisors, processors, importers, roasters and consumers in direct relationship with one another. It’s a system that allows our graduates direct access to international trade with buyers looking for surprising new sources for quality coffee.

Since our model its dependent on these relationships, we participate in relevant events, conversations and interventions on behalf of the producers in the Sustainable Growers' community.